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Bright Memory: Infinite Review (PS5)

Bright Memory: Infinite is like a summer block buster movie: it is shiny, fast paced, with a questionable story and lots of action. But this is not far from the recipes for many shooters from the 90’s. But can the Unreal eye candy carry an entire game? Read on to find out.    

From the very beginning you can feel a strange duality in the game: some parts come across as high production value being in sharp contrast with elements that does not seem to fit the same narrative. You feel this from the menu of the game, where you can choose some skins for your hero and your weapons before you would even delve in the game. It reminds a bit of the Shadow Warrior series, with the difference that here any comic element is an accident rather than an intentional twist.

This can be attributed to the fact that this game started with a sole Chinese developer. The result is both impressive and disappointing. Bright Memory Infinite can look very good, it can be highly satisfying, bu… (read more)

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