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Boost Mobile’s BoostOne app touts blockchain-backed currency

U.S. prepaid wireless carrier Boost Mobile has recently announced a promotion, offering ways for its customers to earn rewards through its BoostOne app. The in-app currency can be applied toward merchandise discounts and even free wireless service. Parent company Dish Network is once again experimenting with ways to disrupt the wireless industry.

BoostOne app showing off promotions

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Boost Mobile customers will be able to earn rewards using the BoostOne app. If this app sounds familiar, it’s because the app has been available from Boost for some months. For this reason, we have reached out to Boost Mobile asking about what might be new, but have yet to hear back. For now, we can talk about the currency found in the app called “Boostcoins”. Boostcoins are blockchain-backed credits that customers can earn by playing games and watching videos. The credits can also be earned by completing offers from various third-party vendors found in the app. These credits can currently be redeemed for discounts on wireless services.

Now, this sounds easy, and it is, but the amount you can earn from each task will vary. For example, watching a short-form video that is several seconds long will earn you just a few credits. But you can also choose to install new apps and games. This is where you can earn bigger sums of credits, ranging from the lower hundreds to even thousands. You can also earn credits by shopping through the app at your favorite brands. The back-end looks to be powered by Offerwall.

Americans are facing rising costs of basic necessities, Boost Mobile is helping to bring some relief on the wireless front

Boost Mobile states that its blockchain-backed currency might be able to do more in the future. The wireless carrier hopes that its “Boostcoins” will be used for trade with other Boost Mobile customers, or merchandise at its stores, and other third-party vendors.

Of course, this remains to be seen, but Stephen Stokols, executive vice president of retail wireless at Dish Network seems optimistic, stating that “this is the next disruptive move to shake up a stale industry that has been stuck for more than two decades with Boost leading the industry into a bold new future.” While Stokols seems to be channeling his inner John Legere, it remains to be seen whether this movement will be called disruptive.

The BoostOne app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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