Blumhouse’s Freaky: Deleted Scene Features The Worst Ride Share Driver In A Horror More

When you’re stuck in a horror movie, what you really want to do is get as far away from the killer as possible. However, things in the Blumhouse body-swapping film Freaky went a bit differently in a deleted scene from the home release’s special features. A group of teens are racing against the clock to hunt down a killer, but they hired the slowest ride share driver of all time.

A deleted scene for the newly-released movie asks the question, “What if the getaway driver was really slow?” Well, in this situation, the teens are actually looking for the murderer, but time is of the essence, and the kids needed someone to burn rubber. This was not the case.

The Butcher, who is in Millie’s body, is headed to a teenage party to do some murdering. Josh, Nyla, Millie (in the Butcher’s body), and Booker are headed after him and hop into Josh’s car, but the car doesn’t start. This leads the gang to order a ride share, which is travelling at the blistering speed of 2 miles per hour before hitting a curb while attempting to pick them up.

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