Bloodborne 60fps Patch Released By Hacker

Many can agree that Bloodborne is one of the best games of the previous console generation–perhaps even the best–but playing it at sub-30 frames per second can be a major adjustment if you’re used to dodging your way through Sekiro at 60fps. Now, the well-known hacker Lance McDonald has released his 60 FPS patch for Bloodborne on his Patreon, but you’ll need a jailbroken PS4 to try it out.

We’ve known about McDonald’s 60fps patch for a while now, since he first showed it last year, but this is the first time that it’s been publicly available. McDonald teamed up with Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry to do a technical breakdown of the 60fps patch, and the results are fascinating. McDonald’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes materials for From Software’s games, including Bloodborne and the Souls series. The patch also gives you the option of lowering the rendering resolution of the game to 720p to get a more consistent frame rate.

McDonald’s hacking has revealed secrets in other games as well. For example, he showed that God of War’s antagonist is flipping the player off in one scene, and that P.T.’s Lisa was following behind you all along. If you were hoping to use a PS4 emulator to try out this patch, we’ve got bad news: There aren’t any legitimate PS4 emulators that can run games as of yet, but there are some fake ones out there that look legit, so watch out for that. For the rest of us, we can only hope that From Software brings a way to play Bloodborne at 60fps on the PS5 that doesn’t require hardware modification. Some first-party PS4 games have gotten PS5 updates that improve performance, but nothing like that has been announced for Bloodborne as of yet.

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