Blightbound’s Largest Update Adds New Horrors to Vanquish, New Hero

Blightbound, the multiplayer dungeon crawler in development at Arcane Glamour, is getting one of its biggest updates since release. The game tasks three heroes to face the abominations of the Blight, a mysterious and corrupting fog that covers the land.

The update announced this week promises to bring a wealth of additions and improvements, thus adding a tangible air of prestige to the character ranks, as well as brutal new randomized foes and major gameplay features that players have been waiting for for quite a while.

More importantly, the update introduces a new area ready to be explored by the three heroes in the Underhold. Obviously, the new area is inhabited by new horrors and even a new boss: Haäken, the jailed.

Two new enemies are also included in the update – the Elusive Wretch has greatly and the imposing Sinful Totemist – which have recently been making the lives of many adventurers on the battlefield more difficult.

Surprisingly, the fine folks at Arc… (read more)

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