BioWare Is Finally Selling Garrus Body Pillows On The Mass Effect Store

April Fools’ day has come and gone, but amidst all the jokes came the reveal of a very real and very serious addition to the BioWare store’s line of Mass Effect merchandise: Garrus Vakarian body pillow covers. While you’ll have to supply your own pillow to fit inside the lengthy 20 x 53-inch cover, the item is a tastefully sultry representation of everyone’s favorite Turian that doesn’t veer off into Rule 34 territory.

If you’re in the mood to snuggle up with a cotton space-cop, you can grab the body pillow cover right here on the BioWare store for $35.

Introduced all the way back in the first Mass Effect game, Garrus has been a fan-favorite character throughout his appearances in the original trilogy. Shepard’s Citadel partner in the first game and a potential romance option for female Shepard in the second and third games, Garrus has always been a reliable ally. As a body pillow, at least he’ll always be there for you when you need a comfy shoulder to lean on.

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