Beware—trolls are out to spoil tomorrow’s Wordle for you

Artist's conception of <em>Wordle</em> players trying to avoid foreknowledge of tomorrow's puzzle solution.

Enlarge / Artist’s conception of Wordle players trying to avoid foreknowledge of tomorrow’s puzzle solution. (credit: Adam Drobiec / EyeEm)

If you’re one of the many, many people hooked on Wordle—and especially if you’re someone who likes to share your spoiler-free results publicly each day—we have a word of warning for you. There are people who are determined to spoil your good time by shoving tomorrow’s Wordle answer in your face.

The spoiler Twitter account Wordlinator was one of the most prominent trolls on the scene, describing itself as “sent from the future to terminate wordle bragging.” @Wordlinator would reply to seemingly random Wordle-results tweets with impolite messages designed to “teach you a lesson” by including the answer to the next day’s game (as archived here).

It’s not hard

Wordlinator and its ilk take advantage of Wordle‘s less-than-secure Javascript coding, which lists the answer to all 2,315 of the game’s five-letter puzzles in daily order in a plaintext array buried in publicly viewable files referenced in the webpage’s source code.

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