Best Buy Is Running An April Fools’ Day Sale On Deadpool Movies

Best Buy is celebrating April Fools’ Day by having its own silly sale, which we’ll call April Pools’ Day. The entertainment retailer is offering up deep discounts on the various Deadpool movies. Sure, there are technically only two Deadpool movies, but there are various releases of both of them.

Aside from the home releases of the theatrical cuts of the 2016 film and its 2018 sequel, there are two other notable versions of Deadpool 2. First is Once Upon a Deadpool, the PG-13 version of the movie. Because Deadpool 2 is a rated R movie due to violence and language, this version is cleaned up a little bit. However, it features Deadpool reading the story of the film to Fred Savage to add a little bit more time to the movie. Yes, it’s the exact same framing device as The Princess Bride–because that was on purpose.

Finally, there’s the extended cut of the movie or The Super Duper Cut. Obviously, this is a longer version of the movie adding 15 more minutes of jokes and violence you didn’t get to see in the theatrical cut. While this version of the movie may not add a lot to the plot or story, it’s definitely a must-have for fans of the franchise.

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