Beefing over beef is a distraction the climate movement can’t afford

Shake Shack Burger Chain Considers I.P.O.
A burger in New York City.  | Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Lately, it seems like forgoing red meat has become an unfortunate proxy for environmental credentials. Epicurious, for example, just announced that it will no longer publish articles or recipes with beef in a decision it calls, “not anti-beef but rather pro-planet.” And then there are headlines like “Why do some green activists eat meat?”

Meat-eating, meanwhile, has become a sort of symbol for climate denial. There are Twitter wars swirling around whether Biden’s climate ambitions will infringe on Americans’ right to eat burgers (his actual climate proposals would not).

But diet shouldn’t be a political scorecard for how down you are for the planet. Shaming…

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