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Batora: Lost Haven Preview (PC)

A quick mind storm keeps a ranged enemy occupied while I switch to my powerful physical form, attacking two fire-powered opponents that can deal a lot of damage if I don’t dodge around as quickly as possible. As soon as I deal with them, I move back to my mind form and deal with the remaining two enemies from range.

Happily, some of them drop orbs that replenish my health, a very good thing considering that I have to engage at least two other groups before I can reach my goal. And if the number of enemies increases, I might need some bigger powers to engage them with.

Batora: Lost Haven is developed by Stormind Games, with Team17 in charge of publishing. The game is offered on the PC, the Xbox Series X and S, the PlayStation 5, the Nintendo Switch, and older devices from Sony and Microsoft. Launch is set for the autumn of the year. The title offers a pretty classic take on isometric action a… (read more)

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