Baldur’s Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal Set for February 27

For those who don’t know, Wizards of the Coast agreed to lend Larian Studios, makers of Divinity Original Sin, the Baldur’s Gate franchise just this one time. Yes, we’re actually going to have another Baldur’s Gate game, and the fact that it’s made by veterans of the cRPG genre can only be more exciting.

Unfortunately, when Larian Studios announced last year that they will be making Baldur’s Gate 3, it didn’t reveal anything else apart from a very short cinematic trailer. However, they promised to be back with more information once they have a clear roadmap and something major to show.

Today, Larian Studios announced that the highly-anticipated gameplay reveal of Baldur’s Gate 3 is set for February 27. Larian’s Creative Director Swen Vincke, along with a very special guest, will be playing live on stage at PAX East 2020 and will reveal more about the story, mechanics, and the answers to much-asked questions.

You don’t have to be at PAX East to be able to watch the… (read more)

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