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“At a Glance” widget prepares to support Ring doorbell alerts

Just last month, Google updated its “At a Glance” widget on Pixel phones to add a bunch of new integrations. The Pixel 6 series debuted this revamped widget, which can display your calendar events, flight boarding pass, workout stats, and more on your home screen and lockscreen. One major integration was Nest doorbell alerts, along with a video feed. Now, strings discovered in a teardown suggest that support will soon be extended to Ring doorbells, too.

There are a few reasons why this is useful. Firstly, this can help you find out if a package has arrived, or if someone is just trying to get your attention out the front of your house. Being able to see an actual live video feed of your front door from your home screen is useful, especially if you leave your phone switched on on your desk. How the feature works is that when your doorbell detects activity at your door, the widget will show a persistent notification and a live feed of your front door.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be rolled out any time soon, but Google is clearly preparing to add it to its “At a Glance” widget, anyway. Sometimes features like this pop up in APK Teardowns and take months to appear, though other times, they’re integrated practically immediately. There’s no real in between. For example, we spotted preparation from Ring to add support for a Glass Break Sensor in an APK Teardown. While those strings exist, the product and adjacent feature still hasn’t been released.

Thanks Mishaal Rahman for the tip!

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