Arby’s And Shovel Knight Team Up In New DLC Promotion

Fast food promotions for popular games are nothing new, but it’s relatively rare to see an indie game get the Happy Meal treatment. Fans of Shovel Knight may want to stop over at their local Arby’s to check out the seven themed “launcher tokens” that will come with kids meals. The promotion will last from now until May 31.

As the above trailer shows, each token comes with its own DLC code, which works on both Steam and Switch. It’s not necessarily clear what these codes do, but it appears to replace existing elements of the games into fast food, as well as adding some Arby’s-themed costumes to the mix.

Perceptive Shovel Knight fans will notice that the franchise’s bomb-throwing alchemist Plague Knight is referred to as “Doctor Knight” in the above tweet. Given the current conditions we live under, this isn’t exactly a surprising move. Then again, he does wear a doctor’s outfit of a sort, so it at least makes thematic sense. Let’s hope that he can go by his old title relatively soon. McDonald’s recently announced Pokemon Happy Meals, so if you really are on that fast food kick, check it out.

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