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Apple Watch Ultra Proves Tougher Than a Table When Hit With a Hammer

Apple launched the Apple Watch Ultra with much fanfare earlier this month, and given the device is now shipping to customers across the world, we’re seeing the smartwatch being thrown in all kinds of tests.

One of the most recent was conducted by TechRax on YouTube, and the purpose is as simple as possible: figure out just how durable the Apple Watch Ultra really is.

The YouTuber therefore decided to hit the Apple Watch Ultra with a hammer for several times, just to determine if the sapphire crystal that protects the display is indeed as durable as Apple advertises it.

And as it turns out, it really is, as the Ultra survived the hits in a pretty honorable way. In fact, the table it was on gave up much earlier, with the Apple Watch Ultra display only cracking after being hit repeatedly with much more power.

Apple itself praised the Watch Ultra, claiming it is the most durable smartwatch it has ever created.

“Made from aerospace-grade titanium, Apple Watch Ultra p… (read more)

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