Apple Wants to Track Your Sleep with Sensors Placed on the Bed

The latest watchOS release brings sleep tracking to the Apple Watch, but the Cupertino-based tech giant has more ambitious plans when it comes to monitoring and helping improve our sleep.

The company has recently patented two new technologies (here and here) that describe a device similar to the Beddit Sleep Monitor and pretty much coming down to a sensor strip that can be lied across a bed to monitor certain data.

While the accuracy of such a device is one of the most challenging parts, Apple explains that it wants to make it as thin and soft as possible without impacting the way it works.

“Some devices are assembled by stacking multiple layers on top of one another, each layer including the same material(s) and/or a single type of sensing mechanism along the entire layer. This may require at least one layer for each type of sensing mechanism, and may cause traditional devices to be rigid and thick, resulting in discomfort for users and reducing users’ willingnes… (read more)

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