Apple Temporarily Stopped iPhone Production Due to Components Shortage

If you believe Apple is immune to the component shortage that has hit pretty much all industries out there, you’re absolutely wrong.

And not only that Apple has a hard time dealing with the lengthy waiting times for the iPhone 13 but the company even turned to a temporary production halt for several days, according to a report.

Nikkei writes that Apple suspended the production of iPhones and iPads in October at Chinese factories, mostly due to what the report describes as “supply chain constraints and restrictions on the use of power” in the country.

Needless to say, Apple hasn’t said a single word about this, but the news isn’t by any means surprising.

The company has reportedly missed its goal of building 230 million iPhones this year due to all the struggles its suppliers have hit throughout 2021. The iPhone 13 prod… (read more)

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