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Apple Stores can now detect abrupt iPhone restarts faster, thanks to a new tool

Apple Stores are the go-to destination when online troubleshooting takes you nowhere. Whether your new iPhones, versatile iPads, or great Macs are glitching, these places have the tools to detect and solve these problems. The Cupertino overlord provides its authorized repair centers with exclusive tools. They pack very specific functionalities and are designed for Apple products in particular. For the longest time, these stores would depend on manual tests to uncover the cause of multiple, abrupt iPhone restarts. Thanks to a new tool, though, this process can now be automated. This could lead to faster iPhone servicing speeds.

According to an internal memo obtained by MacRumors, Apple Stores and authorized repair centers now have access to a new diagnostic tool. Prior to this, technicians had been restoring the device or manually going through system logs to detect kernel panics. Now, the new System Stability tool automatically analyzes iPhone logs to detect abrupt restarts in the past two weeks. If the new System Stability tool detects unexpected restarts, technicians should then proceed with iPhone hardware repairs. Otherwise, the company advises technicians to direct users to this support document.

This new addition to Apple’s wide variety of diagnostic and repair tools is a welcome one. It both saves time and spares technicians the need to go through endless system logs manually to detect potential anomalies. Nonetheless, it remains exclusive to the company’s own stores and repair centers it has authorized. So unauthorized repair businesses will still have to depend on the old, manual procedures. Notably, though, this tool only works with the iPhone 11 and newer models. Those with an older iPhone model will still need to resort to the manual tests, too.

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Source: MacRumors

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