Apple Silicon Hit by Screensaver Bug with Super Inconvenient Workaround

Some Apple Macs powered by the new M1 chip introduced in November are reportedly struggling with a bug causing the screensaver to activate all of a sudden, making it impossible for users to dismiss it without closing and reopening the lid.

According to a report from MacRumors, the whole thing happens on macOS Big Sur and only when Fast User Switching is enabled.

The workaround, unfortunately, is super inconvenient, as users can just disable Fast User Switching or turn to the aforementioned lid closing/reopening trick for the whole thing.

While very little information in this regard is currently available, a thread on Apple’s support forums has already received more than 600 “I have this question too” upvotes, which means there’s a chance the whole thing might be more widespread than initially thought.

Fix said to be there in the latest beta

The origin… (read more)

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