Apple Music is forcing itself on iPhone docks by kicking out other apps

Apple has been in the antitrust and monopolistic practices spotlight in the recent years. The company is being heavily criticized and even sued for its guidelines that hinder fair competition. As a result, the Cupertino tech giant has been reevaluating some of its approaches. For example, it recently introduced the Self Service Repair program. Additionally, a past version of iOS brought default app support and the ability to delete some Apple apps on iPhones and iPods. However, the company seemingly hasn’t properly addressed the way it handles reinstalling first-party apps from the App Store. A new report indicates that even the most recent version of iOS 15 includes an unusual behavior. When a user reinstalls the deleted Apple Music app from the App Store, it’s defaulting to its initial position in the dock — kicking out other apps in the process.

This behavior was first spotted by Kevin Archer — who reported their findings on Twitter. Users have then tried replicating it and got varying results. Some reported that Apple Music is only kicking third-party apps (and not first-party ones). On the other hand, some users found the Music app replacing the company’s own apps as well. Apart from the dock behavior, there are also some reports about Apple Music setting itself as the default Siri music player after a fresh installation.

Considering different people are getting different results, it’s safe to assume that these unusual behaviors are just bugs that Apple didn’t patch when it started allowing users to delete system apps. Despite that, Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney directly accused Apple of rigging its own operating system. We personally believe it’s a glitch that the company will address in a future software update. It wouldn’t be very smart of the trillion dollar company to prioritize its services in a way as obvious, especially since antitrust watchdogs have been actively monitoring it lately.

Can you replicate this bug on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: TechCrunch

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