Apple Is the Number 1 Company Doing “What Seems to Be Impossible”

A survey conducted by Prophet crowned Apple the most relevant brand to consumers for the sixth year in a row and ahead of big names like Peloton, KitchenAid, and LEGO.

In a description of what the survey was focused on, Prophet explains it tried to determine what consumers consider to be the companies doing what seems to be impossible.

“Relevant brands find their way into people’s hearts by continually doing what seems impossible. They adapt quickly to customers’ changing needs and expectations. But they do so by remaining ever more true to themselves. Our research finds that this exceptional achievement–a constant balance between evolution and authenticity–is no accident. Four undeniable forces drive these brands: they are customer obsessed, ruthlessly pragmatic, distinctively inspired and pervasively innovative,” Prophet says.

Cheaper products, same high quality

So what makes Appl… (read more)

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