Apple is actively removing outdated apps from the App Store, even if they’re fully functional

Enforcing strict guidelines in app stores can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, users bump into fewer low-quality software. On the other, developers have to tick endless checkboxes and sometimes deal with unnecessary hassles to satisfy our tech overlords. Apple is notorious for its relatively harsh app review process. The company sometimes rejects submissions for minor reasons that make little sense. Despite that, some malicious applications still pass through from time to time and find their way to the App Store. However — generally speaking — when you buy an iPhone, you’re getting access to an App Store that is better managed than most of its rivals. The latest (arguably unfair) guideline to go into effect is infuriating some developers — particularly indie ones. Several reports indicate that Apple is actively removing outdated apps from its App Store, even if they’re fully functional on the latest devices and iOS version.

According to several developers, Apple is warning them about removing their outdated apps from the App Store if they don’t submit a new version within 30 days. While on the surface this strict rule makes sense to filter out ancient releases, diving deeper into it reflects how it can be unfair to many devs, especially ones behind games — rather than apps. For starters, the guideline doesn’t specify how long the “significant amount of time” is. Additionally, it punishes those who have apps/games that remain completely functional today — despite them receiving no updates in a long time.

So those who have perfectly working apps will have to submit an updated version within 30 days just for the sake of staying on the App Store. Otherwise, Apple will be removing these apps once the time is up. Considering the outrage this policy is causing online, we can only hope that the Cupertino tech giant reevaluates it and makes exceptions for evergreen apps and games that are fully compatible with the latest hardware and software.

As a user — are you with or against this App Store policy, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: The Verge

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