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Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe Review: Good to store a few cards, but pricey

As more parts of the world go cashless, people are beginning to ditch the conventional wallet and just carry a credit card when they step out. While there is no shortage of iPhone cases with pockets and sleeves for cards, if you want a clean and minimal one that can be taken on or off with ease, the official Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe may be a good option — if you don’t mind overpaying for the ease of mind of using an official Apple product. This wallet is compatible with all iPhones that have MagSafe support, I am using it with the iPhone 14 Pro Max below.

iphone 14 pro max with MagSafe wallet

    Apple Leather Wallet Case with MagSafe

      Apple’s Leather Wallet Case with MagSafe attaches easily to iPhones and lets you carry up to three cards.



    Price and Design

    There’s no sugarcoating this — at $59, the iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe is relatively expensive. There are third-party options that will do almost the same thing that cost less money. However, first-party Apple products have always been pricey and overpriced compared to third-party options, and yet, people still flock to buy them. At this point, the Apple logo/branding is enough to earn consumer confidence and trust.

    iphone wallet magsafe

    The Leather Wallet does feel premium, with soft-to-the-touch leather and stitching along the sides. It comes in a small package with a slide-out box. The wallet is just a sleeve with no cover flap.

    iphone wallet with magsafe

    The sleeve is quite firm so you can only fit three cards in there comfortably — a fourth card is possible, but it will be tight.

    iphone leather wallet with magsafe

    Because the sleeve is firm, I find it a bit hard to remove the cards from the wallet from the front. Instead, it’s easier for me to use the hole in the back to push the card up.

    The Leather Wallet feels premium, with soft-touch leather and stitching along the sides

    This means, for me at least, I prefer to remove the wallet every time I need to take out cards. Fortunately taking it off is very easy. If you’re not familiar with Apple’s MagSafe system, it’s a magnetic ring placed on the back side of the iPhone’s glass panel so MagSafe-supported items can snap into place. So putting on or taking off the wallet is just a matter of snap-on, snap-off.

    iphone magsafe wallet on iphone 14 pro max

    One more thing to note: the wallet comes in one size for all iPhone models, and while it looks fine on the Pro Max, many of us think it fits the iPhone Minis perfectly — but alas there is no iPhone 14 Mini this year. The photo below is the iPhone 13 Mini.

    Special Features

    The Leather Wallet supports MagSafe, obviously, but also Apple’s “Find My” feature. When you first snap on the wallet, the iPhone prompts you to set up Apple’s location feature to keep track of items in case they get lost.

    You can set up an alert that pops up on the phone whenever the wallet is detached, which would likely save me from losing the wallet often as I am always snapping it on and off.

    Gets the job done, but not for everyone

    But notice I said the alert “would likely” save me from losing the wallet. I use hypotheticals because I don’t plan on using the wallet full-time. One, I find the maximum of three cards a bit limiting for my lifestyle, and if I still need to carry a separate wallet for other things, then it defeats the point. Second, I don’t use an iPhone full-time, so there’s that.

    However, for those who use an iPhone as their primary device and can just leave the house with a Driver’s License and a credit card or two, this gets the job done. It works best when you have a largely digital lifestyle and need just some added physical elements to get by. If the situation is flipped, you would be better off buying something a bit more spacious and accommodating. As long as you know what you are buying, the MagSafe Leather Wallet is a good purchase.

      Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

      The official Apple Leather Case for iPhones has MagSafe and FindMy support, but a bit pricey

    If you’re looking for other products you can use with your iPhone, we recommend checking out Magsafe accessories for the iPhone 14 series.

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