Apex Legends Next Firearm Will Not “Just Be Another Gun That’s Like The Others”

The next gun for Apex Legends is being designed so that it has a meaningful impact on the battle royale’s meta. In this way, the gun will fit a similar role to Season 8’s 30-30 Repeater, a rifle that fires differently depending how you shoot it–a design decision that’s wholly unique to it.

“[The 30-30 Repeater] is not just another gun similar to all the other guns,” Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier told me when we spoke about the battle royale’s transformative second year and plans for the future. “It actually has some design put into it and it has its own slot in the lineup of weapons. You’ll see [the same] with our next weapon that’s in development right now–it’s also going to hold its own place and not just be another gun that’s like the others.”

This change in pattern to only add more unique firearms every other season as opposed to just adding more guns every season is the developer’s attempt to curb the rapidly expanding arsenal of firearms in the game.

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