Apex Legends Map Changes Hint At Caustic’s Town Takeover Coming Next Week

If you boot up Apex Legends, you might notice that prior to character selection, you’ll see a loading screen where Caustic is overlooking a place on Kings Canyon. If you head to that location, you’ll find a cool map change, which may hint that a Caustic town takeover will be coming soon.

The location in question is between Crash Site and Artillery, as noted by FrozenFroh on Twitter. The currently empty location previously sparked a comment from Caustic, who was fascinated by the toxic changes to the lakes after the fuel from the crashed ship leaked into the water. Now there’s a giant gas canister there.

Next to the canister is a tablet, implied to be the one that Caustic was holding in the aforementioned loading screen. Interacting with it allows you to hear a recorded message left by Caustic.

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