Apex Legends Chaos Theory Patch Notes Released, Lots Of Quality Of Life Updates

Respawn has released the full patch notes for the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event update, which will launch on March 9 alongside the battle royale’s release on Switch. There are a lot of substantial changes in this update.

The really big stuff is displayed in the trailer for the Chaos Theory Collection Event: Caustic’s town takeover is replacing Kings Canyon’s Water Treatment, Heat Shields are being added as a solution for temporarily surviving outside the ring, Bangalore is getting an heirloom, and a new Ring Fury limited-time mode will replace standard Trios and Duos. But there are tons of quality-of-life changes beyond these ones which will have significant impacts on Apex Legends’ in-match meta.

Changes To Characters

This update takes a stab at reworking the defender class, with balance changes for Wattson, Caustic, Gibraltar, and Rampart. The change to Wattson–she now passively regenerates shields, similarly to how Octane regenerates health–is an interesting one. As the smallest defender, Wattson is the only one to take extra damage on account of her Low Profile perk. Assumedly, this update is to address that weakness, stacking on top of the shield regeneration provided by her Intercept Pylon to further solidify her as someone who always bunkers down. She’ll likely now be able to survive just a little bit longer, passively healing between fights as she reestablishes her defenses.

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