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Anvil Saga Preview (PC)

It’s hard to run an efficient business when you have to mine your own ore and when the trader who delivers food needs quite a bit of time to get his order in. One of my employees goes hungry and I unwisely invest in a new room too early. But after I feed and allow both my smiths to get a full meal, I manage to open the shop with a solid reserve of ore and, after hours of forge and hammer work, I make quite a bit of gold, even after dealing with a noble who’s unwilling to pay for his swords.

Anvil Saga is developed by Pirozhok Studio, with publishing in the hands of HeroCraft PC. The title is in Early Access on Steam right now, with the target launch date set for October.

The concept is simple: become a blacksmith in medieval times, grow your business, deal with a looming war, and try to get the girl. All this is accomplished via a focused take on management mechanics.

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