Anno 1800: Docklands DLC – Yay or Nay

Docklands opens the third year of downloadable content for Anno 1800, the management title created by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. Players get more options for trade and a new way to organize their harbors.

Once 250 artisans live on an island the main wharf appears as a build option. Once that is in place (and it requires a solid amount of resources for the moment when it is unlocked) a wide variety of modules can be put in place around it. They replace some already available buildings, allowing for ships to be repaired or for a wider array of goods to be housed in a smaller than normal space.

A new loading wharf will speed up the turnaround for trading ships. A special office ties into the new export/import mechanic. Keeping the entire set connected will make the island more attractive but there’s also freedom in placing everything to make the best possible use of space.

Import and export contracts are accessed via the main wharf and are designed to make t… (read more)

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