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Anker delivers GaNPrime lineup, offering up to 150W of charging power

For most, a charger is something that just comes with your device, and you never really think about it again. But for others, it’s an opportunity to explore a world of third-party accessories that could rival or surpass first-party offerings. Anker is a company that has built quite a reputation, selling mobile charging solutions online and even in retail stores. Today, the firm announced a series of new GaN chargers under its GaNPrime banner.

GaNPrime will be an extension of what the company has been building over the past few years, combining GaN, with proprietary Anker technology. The combination will make way for safer, more sustainable, and faster-charging solutions. GaNPrime will achieve the previous points by focusing on energy conservation, the ability to channel power where needed, when it’s needed, improved active heat monitoring, and compact charger designs.

GaN or Gallium Nitride is a chemical compound used since the 1990s and has more recently found its way into mobile chargers. The compound offers many benefits, mainly its ability to operate at higher temperatures. Anker has harnessed this technology, delivering chargers that can far surpass the abilities of your standard charger. While the additional charging power is welcome, some might not be as keen on the price, with the base Anker GaN charger costing far more than your stock charger. Although it might be a steep price, it does have many advantages, especially for those with multiple devices.

Anker 735 Charger (GaNPrime 65W) $59.99

Anker 615 USB Power Strip (GaNPrime 65W) $69.99

Anker 727 Charging Station (GaNPrime 100W) $94.99

If you are interested in Anker’s new GaNPrime mobile charging solutions, you can hit the links above to order. Anker’s more powerful GaNPrime charging solutions like the 120W Anker 737 charger, 733 Power Bank, and 150W 747 charger are not currently available for pre-order from Amazon. They will begin shipping sometime in Q3 2022. The pre-order links will be added when they become available. You can also head to the source link to order directly from Anker.

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