Anime-Inspired Rhythm-‘Em-Up Unbeatable Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Demo Launches Tonight

Developer D-Cell Games’ Unbeatable Kickstarter campaign recently went live and the game, a rhythm-based beat-’em-up with very FLCL visuals, has already surpassed its $55,000 goal. The team announced that a PC demo goes live tonight.

Unbeatable is “a game where music is illegal and you do crimes,” according to the Kickstarter. Players control Beat, a pink-haired adolescent who beats enemies up because music is illegal in the game’s world. There are only two buttons–up and down–to worry about, making Unbeatable easy to pick up and play. Players stand in one position and must time their presses to the rhythm of the soundtrack to attack incoming enemies and dodge various obstacles.

The game combines elements from titles like One Finger Death Punch and Persona with a day-night cycle, and smashes that in between visuals ripped straight out of Production I.G.’s FLCL or Studio Trigger’s Kill la Kill.

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