Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day Event Is Thankfully Shorter This Year

Bunny Day is just around the corner again in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Nintendo has made some tweaks to this year’s event. The holiday itself falls on April 4, but just as last year, eggs will appear around your island in the days leading up to it. Fortunately, they won’t be around for nearly as long.

As Nintendo detailed in a post on Switch’s News channel, this year’s Bunny Day will only run from March 28 to April 4. That’s much shorter than last year’s event, which ran for nearly two full weeks, from April 1-12. Players were quick to share their frustrations about Bunny Day across social media at the time, taking issue not only with poor Zipper T. Bunny (who is just doing his job), but also the prevalence of eggs.

The eggs in particular were a common cause for complaint. Throughout the event, different types of eggs would be hidden in trees, rocks, the ground, and the ocean and river. These could be used to craft special Bunny Day furniture, but the problem was they spawned much too frequently, making it difficult to dig up fossils or catch fish without being inundated with eggs.

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