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Android Devices Will Tell Users to Update Apps If They Keep Crashing

No matter if we like it or not, app crashes still take place every once in a while, regardless of the platform we use, including here both desktop and mobile operating systems.

In some cases, however, a simple app relaunch is enough to deal with a crash. Sometimes, however, the crash itself is caused due to a glitch in the app, in which case an app update is absolutely required to provide users with a more stable experience.

Google wants to make sure the likelihood of app crashes caused by outdated software is as low as possible, so the company is introducing a new feature in the latest Google Play Store update.

Welcome improvement in the latest update

The most recent pack of improvements shipped to Android devices as part of the Google System Update includes a feature to prompt users to update an app when a crash takes place. Of course, the prompt only shows up if a newer version of the app is indeed available on the Google Play Store.

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