Android 13 may ship with a redesigned audio output picker

It feels like Android 12 was released just yesterday, but here we are already talking about its successor: Android 13. While we don’t expect Android 13 to offer substantial design changes, it seems there will be plenty of smaller, quality-of-life improvements in store in the next major release. Over the past few weeks, we have got a glimpse of several work-in-progress Android 13 features, including the ability to define language settings on a per-app basis, runtime permissions for notifications, tap-to-transfer feature for media, and more. Now a new finding suggests the audio output picker menu will be getting a fresh coat of paint in the new version.

According to Android Police,  Google is working on giving the output picker a fresh design in Android 13. For the unaware, the audio output picker is a button that appears in the upper right corner of the media player. When you click on it, it brings up a menu with all the available devices that you can route sound output to. It debuted in Android 10 and received a redesign in Android 11 while also gaining support for showing Google Cast devices. It appears the feature is set to receive a big visual overhaul in Android 13. Screenshots shared by Android Police give us a glimpse of the new design.

Android 12 ouput picker listing available devices
Android 13 media picker
Android 13 audio picker menu

The feature still works the same way as before but the button for it in the media player seems to be gone. Meanwhile, old volume slider buttons have been replaced by new rounded, bubbly ones for a more consistent look. Moreover, the currently selected audio device is highlighted with a checkmark while other, devices are grayed out, so it’s easier to tell which device is active.

Note that Android 13 is still months away from its first developer preview, so this new design may still go through some changes.

What do you think about this new design for the audio output picker? Let us know in the comments below. 

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