Android 11 for the Microsoft Surface Duo Is Just Around the Corner

Microsoft has already launched the Surface Duo 2, and the company is believed to be working on the third generation, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that owners of the original model have received the highly anticipated Android 11 update.

Not at all, as Android 11 is still nowhere to be seen at a time when the Android 12 is running at full speed for Android devices out there.

Microsoft not shipping Android 11 to the original Surface Duo in 2021 is certainly a big disappointment for users, as the device is still on Android 10, therefore missing out on some pretty important improvements that are part of the operating system.

Originally expected to land by the end of this year, it’s pretty clear the Android 11 update would no longer see the daylight in 2021.

Android 11 to launch in the first days of 2022

But according to the latest Windows Central podc… (read more)

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