Amtrak’s Largest Union Doesn’t Want Capitol Hill Rioters on Its Trains

The largest union of Amtrak workers called on Amtrak to step up security measures in and around Washington, D.C. in the wake of the Capitol riot, including banning people on the no-fly list from purchasing tickets.

Citing security enhancements at airports, the Transportation Communications Union (TCU) which represents many customer-facing positions such as those who work on the trains and in stations said Amtrak must do more to step up security especially at Washington’s Union Station. 

“At minimum, Amtrak must increase police presence at Washington DC’s Union Station, as well as staff all incoming trains to Washington, DC with uniformed Amtrak police officers,” the statement said. “Amtrak should also explore the practicality of coordinating with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to utilize the ‘No-fly’ list in screening passenger manifests, and deny ticket sales to those passengers.” Amtrak also didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment on the TCU’s statement. 

It is not clear how many, if any, Capitol rioters took the train to D.C. while viral videos have shown far right Trump supporters accosting far right Senator Lindsey Graham at Reagan Airport and disrupting flights to and from the capital. The country’s largest flight attendants union called for pro-Trump rioters to be banned from flying home from D.C.

“We’ve already seen disturbing behavior onboard airlines and at least one incident of racially-motivated harassment of an African-American flight attendant,” the TCU statement said. “Many security enhancements have been made at our nation’s airlines and airports in recent days. Unfortunately, many of those entrenched security measures don’t exist for Amtrak stations, trains, employees and passengers.”

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The call for increased security at rail stations, including the invocation of TSA-like procedures, comes at a time where many Americans, especially D.C. residents, are questioning what the vast expansion of the security state has actually provided in terms of increased safety if a few thousand lightly armed people could still force their way into the halls of power. To that end, one of the main benefits of rail versus air travel since 9/11 has been the lack of security screenings, increasing the comfort and convenience of traveling by rail.

Although the TCU’s statement doesn’t explicitly mention this as a concern, President-elect Joe Biden, a loyal Amtrak customer, plans to take Amtrak to D.C. for the inauguration. The TCU did not immediately reply to an inquiry if they have any concerns about the safety of that trip. 

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