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Amid outrage Instagram boss takes to Twitter to explain platform changes

Social media is always evolving and will continue to do so moving forward. Whether these changes are good will remain to be seen. Still, as many platforms shift to video to combat or even follow the success of newcomer Tiktok, there is bound to be backlash from longtime users who want a purist experience. After recent changes, Instagram is some unwanted feedback from some of its users. In an effort to smooth things out, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri has taken to Twitter to explain the platform changes and what he thinks will happen going forward.

Mosseri started by explaining that he is aware of the complaints against the recent changes to Instagram. The problems have come just as the platform has started to adopt a full-screen feed similar to Tiktok. Mosseri stated that in its current iteration, it is only a test. He goes on to say that the full-screen mode on the platform is “not yet good” and that before it can be rolled out to everyone, it needs to be improved.

Mosseri isn’t shy about sharing where the future of Instagram is going and stated that while photos are a part of the platform’s heritage, it will continue to focus more on videos going forward. Furthermore, he states that the expansion to video is occurring naturally, as creators are embracing the media and using the platform for videos.

The last point that Mosseri spoke about is recommendations. He stated that recommendations at this point aren’t perfect and that if you are getting bad recommendations, then Instagram needs to improve. Luckily, the platform offers ways to opt out of recommendations, although none of the options are permanent. This is done to help creators share their work on the platform. Of course, for any long-time creator, this is a lot of change to embrace. Thankfully, it seems like the platform is listening.

Source: Adam Mosseri (Twitter)

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