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Amazon’s Astro gets smarter with new pet detection skills, an SDK, and more

In case you didn’t know, Amazon has a robotics division, and one of its first products was introduced last year called Astro. The household robot is built for home monitoring but also offers a wealth of other features like being able to assist in everyday tasks or providing remote care for the elderly. Today, the company is expanding Astro’s skillset by introducing new features that build on its strong foundation.

While Alexa Together already provided a wealth of different options and features, Amazon will now be expanding the service, allowing support for up to ten caregivers for one care recipient. Furthermore, Amazon has now added Remote Assist, which allows the primary caregiver to set up Alexa routines remotely. In addition, Alexa Together will have more customizable and personalized daily alerts while also sending caregivers notifications when specific activities occur on connected devices. Astro will be able to better understand the world around it, learning about objects and their place in an environment. It can also learn about doors and windows, alerting owners when something is left open or ajar.

Going forward, Astro will also bring a personalized touch when interacting with pets. Initially, it will be able to recognize cats and dogs, giving owners peace of mind while they are outside the house. It will even automatically send pictures and videos of pets. Of course, these are just some of the ideas that Amazon came up with, but it thinks there are many more. In order to make these ideas come to life, Amazon is introducing a new Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK will be first seeded to students at Georgia Tech, the Univesity of Maryland, and the University of Michigan to see what kinds of things they can build for Astro. There was no word on when the SDK would be released to the public.

While Astro is primarily focused for use at home, there are also a variety of different business applications where it can be useful, like having it patrol an office. Working in combination with Ring Virtual Security Guards, it will be able to provide support if a break-in occurs at a business. It can check to see what is going on, and a virtual security guard can monitor the situation and even communicate with the intruders. If this all sounds interesting, you can head to Amazon’s Astro product page and request for an invitation to purchase. In addition, Amazon also introduced a new Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, and more

    Amazon Astro

    Amazon Astro is a powerful and friendly household robot that can be used for home monitoring.

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