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Amazon unveils new generation of Echo Dot with Eero integration, Disney partnership, and more

At the company’s fall launch event, Amazon unveiled its new generation of Echo Dot devices, including a new Echo Dot with Clock as well. They’re the latest generation of Echo Dot devices, with improved audio, more uses for the clock display, a temperature sensor, and so much more. They’re available for pre-order from today and come with two Echo Dot Kids versions too with an owl and a dragon design.

As Amazon describes it, the all-new Echo Dot has “double” the bass with a custom driver built-in, coupled with reduced sound distortion, too. They’re the best sounding Echo Dots according to the company, but it gets even better. If you have an Eero mesh network, you can use these Echo Dots as extensions to your network. This means that rather than buying additional extenders for your home, you can simply buy more Echo Dot devices to extend your network — without needing to buy two devices instead.

Amazon Echo Dot

On top of that, the Echo Clock with Dot uses high-density dot technology. You can now see the time, the currently playing artist, song name, upcoming calendar events, and it’s even bright enough to see in direct sunlight that may be coming through your window.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids

The Echo Dot will retail for $49.99, whereas the Echo Dot with Clock and Echo Dot Kids will each retail for $59.99. The company also announced a new “Hey Disney” partnership, including an integration with the Disney MagicBand Plus and an exclusive voice assistant accessible to customers with a Kids subscription. The Echo Dot Kids can also generate stories for children based on preferences that the child chooses, though that feature will be rolling out for the holiday season.

Amazon Echo Studio in White

At the same time, Amazon announced a new white variant of the Echo Studio. Finally, the company also said that an update will be coming to all Studios that improves the stereo sound and enhances the clarity and bass response. This will roll out to new and existing Studio customers.

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