Also Check the Spam Folder: Microsoft Giving Away $100 Gift Cards

With the holiday season almost upon us, Microsoft is obviously getting ready for the party, but as it turns out, the company is very committed to making users a big part of it as well.

This is why the software giant has started giving away gift cards to the luckiest customers in the United States, and this year, their value is quite impressive.

A total of 25,000 people are seemingly getting $100 Microsoft Store gift cards, so if you feel lucky, make sure you check your email. Another 25,000 customers are being provided with $10 gift cards, and while these aren’t as impressive as the others, they’re still good enough to buy some apps from the Microsoft Store.

Needless to say, nobody can tell for sure who gets the gift cards and who doesn’t. Not even Microsoft, that is, as the company says it’s using a random selection to pick the winners.

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