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After a long hiatus, Google Fiber will expand to new states

It has been over a decade since Google Fiber first launched, and the rollout has been, well, slow. The last time Google rolled out its service to more areas was in 2015, nearly seven years ago. Now, it looks like a reinvigorated Google Fiber will be rolling out to new areas, with the company promising expansion to Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, and Nevada.

Over the coming years, Google will expand its internet service to the states mentioned earlier. The news of the rollout is welcome but does come as a bit of a surprise. In 2015, Google began restructuring, with Alphabet Inc. becoming the parent company for many of Google’s brands. In 2016, Google Fiber expansions were put on hold, leaving many to question the fate of the service. While it committed to offering support for services currently deployed, it did not indicate that it would be expanding soon. Dinni Jain, chief executive of Google Fiber, stated that “his team was finally prepared to “add a little bit more build velocity” after over four years of sharpening operations.”

Google has a long history of shuttering its services after only being around for a few years. However, while many had assumed the worse, it looks like things will be okay for the time being. Although there are now plans in place to move forward, Jain did not comment on the service’s financial status, instead stating, “the intent is to build businesses that will be successful in and of their own right, and that is what we are trying to do at Google Fiber for sure.” Furthermore, Jain said that the company could not keep dipping into its parent company Alphabet’s “wallet”.

Although Google Fiber is known for its internet, it also offers TV, phone, and wireless service. While the company will be expanding into new areas over the coming years, it does not have a timeline for its expansion. If interested, you can head to the Google Fiber website to see if the service is available in your area.

Source: Reuters

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