Adam Sandler Won’t Wait 30 Minutes For IHOP In Viral TikTok Video

Just because you’re a popular and famous movie star doesn’t mean you get special treatment at IHOP. TikTok user and IHOP employee Dayanna Rodas told Adam Sandler that he’d have to wait 30 minutes for a table, and her subsequent TikTok about the encounter has now gone viral.

Rodad has no idea who she was talking to when Sandler arrived, masked, with his daughter in her IHOP branch. The star clearly had no intention of hanging around that long for pancakes, so left straightaway.

Rodad’s TikTok shows security footage of the brief encounter, which she captioned with “Not realizing its Adam Sandler and telling him it’s a 30min wait and him ofc leaving bc he’s not going to wait 30mins for IHOP.” She added “Pleaseee come back,” under the video.

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