Acer Predator CG437K Gaming Monitor Review — Beauty Of A Beast

When it comes to PC gaming, you’ll most commonly see people rocking setups with monitors no bigger than 27 inches. With how close people usually are to their monitors, this size is a good fit for most spaces. However, it’s hard to deny the appeal of an even larger monitor, especially if your desk allows for that kind of room. The Acer Predator CG437K 43-inch monitor is a beastly gaming display, one that commands attention. It provides a great gaming experience that will be appealing to many PC gamers, though those who are already accustomed to HDR-capable 4K TVs may come away disappointed.

Display and performance

The Predator CG7’s massive size is accompanied by a sharp 4K image that makes the finest details stand out. Whether I was playing on PS5 or PC, games looked clean. For example, the intricate designs of Demon’s Souls armor and enemies are beautifully displayed, while Valheim’s stark and simple art style is immediately eye-catching and shines brilliantly on the CG7’s 4K VA panel.

The CG7’s colors can be quite vibrant, too, though its viewing angles tend to let it down a bit. Facing the monitor straight on provides the best image, with bright colors popping off the screen stunningly. However, if you’re off-center, you may notice darker colors start to wash out. This is the one area of the CG7 I’m disappointed with. The HDR performance is below par, and if you’re accustomed to playing games on a 4K TV with good-quality HDR, you’ll notice a big difference. Blacks are a touch washed out, while brighter scenes tend to feel too bright. It took me a while to tweak the settings to where I was happy, and even then, I was never quite satisfied with the image–I would often just play without HDR entirely.

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