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A week after its release, the Google Pixel 6a drops to $399

The Google Pixel 6a has seen a number of promotions leading up to and during its retail launch. If you’ve been on the fence this whole time, there is now another promotion available that might finally sway your mind. Amazon currently has the Pixel 6a available for $399 before taxes and shipping, which is a pretty good deal.


The new promotion discounts the retail price of the phone slightly, dropping it to $436.52. From there, you’ll want to log in to your Amazon account so you can take advantage of the special offer. Once you log in, Amazon will present you with a coupon that discounts the phone an additional $37.52. When you head to the check-out screen, you’ll see that your subtotal is $399. Depending on your location, taxes will vary, but shipping should be free.

This is quite a deal, knocking $50 off of the retail price of a phone that just came out last week. While this deal is probably the best option, Amazon does have another promotional offer with the Google Pixel 6a, where Amazon will issue you a $50 gift card, but in exchange, there is no discount on the phone. It is unknown when the promotional periods for each deal will expire, so if you’re interested, act fast.

The Google Pixel 6a has received good reviews, praising its camera and software. Our own Adam Conway had mixed feelings about the device in his review, stating that “It feels like Google is a little bit lost when it comes to the execution of the Google Pixel 6a.” If there’s one thing that the Pixel line has going for it, it’s that it will always be updated to the latest version of Android while it’s supported. It’s an important benefit in the world of Android and the Pixel 6a is no different, with the handset receiving the Android 13 Beta earlier this week.

    Google Pixel 6a

    The Google 6a just went on sale a week ago and it has now received a discount.

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