A Way Out Dev Josef Fares Says It’s “So Sick” That People Don’t Finish Games

Game developer Josef Fares, who is known for boldly and passionately sharing his opinions, has now spoken up about how people don’t finish games. In short, he doesn’t like that the data generally shows that people start games but don’t finish them.

In an interview with Game Informer, Fares said he was told that about 51% of people who played his previous game, A Way Out, actually finished it. He was informed that this was a very good percentage, but it’s not good enough for Fares.

“It actually it saddens me,” he said. “That means that 49 percent of people didn’t finish it. It’s not something I should be happy about. We need to fix the problem that people are not even finishing our games. People are not even finishing the games.”

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