“A Serious Flanders”, Chicken Lollipops, Christmas Erotica and other Rabbit Holes

I can’t tell if these Chinese influencers are trolling or paying homage with this new trend of posing in front of a Costco and pretending they’re in LA. (NBC News)

This Penis Plant bloomed for only the 3rd time in Europe and just like a real penis we all had higher expectations for what turned out to just be a tall stick that smells like “rotting flesh”. (Advocate)

Fisher Price is tugging at our old, decrepit heart strings by relaunching an adult, bluetooth powered version of their Chatter Telephone toy. (Comic Book)

Or you can fill the sad, old void in your heart with this totally impractical but fun Polaroid camera by Pepsi and Retrospekt. (Nerdist)

I swear this rumor about Dolly Parton guest starring in the season finale of Gracie and Frankie better be true. (TV Insider)

We as a nation have a say in who is cast as Garfield and literally no one wants Chris Pratt. (Cosmopolitan)

Alireza Shojaian is the latest activist to call attention to Iran’s abuse against the LGBTQ community. (The New York Times)

I am so here for The Simpsons two part Fargo Parody episodes “A Serious Flanders” airing November 7th and 14th. Great cast of guest voices, including Briax Cox from Succession and Deadwood’s Timothy Olyphant. (Comic Book)

Ganni is going to replace leather with “grape skin, stalks and seeds leftover from the wine industry”. If you’re not drinking wine, you don’t care about animals or the environment. (Live Kindly)

Idris Elba and Regina King star in the black western The Harder They Fall and that’s all you need to know about that. (Geeks of Color)

The Psychology Podcast is giving me the tools and knowledge I need to be that person no one wants to talk to at a party (more than usual). (Plex)

Nigerian photographer Ibor Edosa Victor shows us the behind the scenes of his most magical photos. (My Modern Met)

Men, what is stopping you from looking like Kal Penn in a floral kurta celebrating Diwali? (Instagram)

Speaking of hot Indian men, watch Dev Patel in this very moving film that will give you emotional whiplash. In a good way.

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If I had to watch one funny animal video for the rest of my life it would be this dog who is suspicious as hell. (TikTok)

Kristen Stewart having Guy “Flavortown” Fieri officiate her wedding is the best thing ever. (Bustle)

It’s November which means we’re approaching Mariah Carey holiday season. This is not a drill. (Plex)

She’s bestowed on us an early Christmas gift, Fall in Love at Christmas Time.

Chicken lollipops >>>> cake pops. (TikTok)

Chicken lollipops also make a great companion for all the movies out this month. (The Gist)

I’d like to add my two cents about milkgate. Maybe she does really need 12 gallons of milk every week. Did you see how many boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats she picked up? Might as well just buy a cow at this point.

I failed his Kirsten vs. Kristen quiz. Really overestimated myself I guess. (Slate)

Australia likes big things and it cannot lie. (Atlas Obscura)

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, a New Zealand couple accidentally grows the biggest potato. (Briefly)

Tom Hanks, never change. (Gizmodo)

I ask you, dear reader, why the actor in the Mario costume though?

I have absolutely zero interest in cars except for this 1978 all electric Ford truck. This is cool as hell. (Core 77)

I am both so disturbed and weirdly comforted by this video.

Here’s a stocking stuffer your friends and family will cherish, an erotic Christmas novel called Santa is Going to Town on Me. (Pajiba)

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