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A New BlackBerry-Like Smartphone Is Coming, QWERTY Keyboard Looks Exciting

BlackBerry was at one point the most exciting phone brand on the market, especially as the company was investing in a mix that nobody else could offer.

The QWERTY keyboards made BlackBerry phones absolutely fantastic, and while the move to Android was supposed to represent a new beginning for the company, it actually pushed it a step closer to the demise of the hardware business.

Everybody knows what happened in the meantime, so right now, the chances of seeing a BlackBerry phone getting the go-ahead are pretty slim.

However, a company called Unihertz is about to take the world by surprise with its very own BlackBerry-inspired smartphone.

A teaser that was posted on Twitter only a few days ago was supposed to provide us with a mysterious look at a QWERTY keyboard, all without actually letting us see the rest. Well, the Internet has managed to do its magic, and with the right Photoshop skills, t… (read more)

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