A Little Golf Journey Review (PC)

A little box is glowing alluringly in the corner. I think I can get my golf ball into the hole in two but that little shimmer is too interesting to ignore. So, I hit towards it, trigger a challenge, and complete it. I have a new hole to drive for, which I do. Then, another level appears on the overworld, ready to drop a whole new load of stars into my lap.

A Little Golf Journey was put together by Okidokico, with publishing duties handled by Playtonic Friends. Players can pick up the title on the PC, using Steam, or on the Nintendo Switch. The experience is built around the sport mentioned in the title but not in a classic simulation sense.

There’s some story in the game but it does not represent the main reason to push forward through the areas. A mysterious entity known as X tells the player the basics of the sport. As one deals with courses there are more letters between X and another person, who signs off as Y, offering tidbits about a larger universe than the … (read more)

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