A Gilmore Girls Themed Fire Emblem Mod Is Available To Play

Fire Emblem–your favorite RPG franchise that combines chess and dating–and Gilmore Girls got a fan-made crossover. The creator, Marlowe Dobb, borrowed the power of both cult classics to create an hour-long Fire Emblem Sacred Stones mod with characters and plotlines from Gilmore Girls.

According to Fire Emblem: Gilmore Girls’ itch.io page, the mod contains four custom maps, multiple playable characters, fun dialogue, and “depictions of a normal mother-daughter relationship.” Playing the mod requires a ROM version of FE Sacred Stones and a .ups patch applying software.

Fire Emblem has received a lot of great fan-made mods over the years. Fire Emblem Girls, a standout mod that also uses FE Sacred Stones as its base, impressively upgrades the difficulty of the original game and includes a ton of other custom content. Like the name implies, all the characters in Fire Emblem Girls are female characters from different Fire Emblem games.

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