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A Closer Look at Microsoft’s Controlled Feature Rollout

Rolling out major new features and updates to everyone at once is great news for users, but on the other hand, it may not be such a good idea from a stability and reliability perspective.

This is because a bug that somehow went unnoticed could potentially hit quite a lot of users, and given the gigantic userbase of Windows, you can easily see where this is going.

This is the reason Microsoft is now using a phased rollout to make sure everything is working just as planned. With the phased approach, the software giant can closely monitor the rollout and therefore make new major releases available only for a limited set of devices.

This means that not all devices are getting the goodies on day one, but on the other hand, it guarantees a more reliable experience when the updates become available.

Whenever Microsoft discovers a bug, it can simply suspend the rollout for a specific set of devices, therefore limiting the damage the glitch can cause.

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