(PR) SeaSonic Adds Wooting Analog Keyboards to its American and European product line-up

[Editor’s Note: Our own review of the Wooting One keyboard can be found here for those interested.]

Sea Sonic, a world leader in PC and industrial power supply design and manufacturing, announces exclusive sales and distribution cooperation with Wooting, the company behind the world’s first and most advanced analogue mechanical keyboard for the PC gaming market.

Sea Sonic’s global presence and strength in the American and European retail channels provide a strong platform to give consumers better access to Wooting products. Calder Limmen, Co-founder and CEO explains in great detail what the collaboration means for Wooting in his latest blog post article.

The partnership between Wooting and Sea Sonic is a perfect fit. Both companies are the front-runners in their respective domains where their collaboration is strengthened by their core beliefs: innovation, performance and quality.

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